What In The World?


Over the past few months I have been listening to the secular media and to conservative talk radio.  The contrast between the two are polar opposites, especially when it comes to sexuality.  I began to wonder….how did our identity become that based on our sexuality?  And how did a civil rights movement become based on sexuality?  The Civil Rights Act of 1964, was for employment and that people should not be discriminated against based on their race, color, sex, religion, or national origin.  Race, color, sex, and national origin are things to which we have no control over (they are not a choice).  Sex in this context is weather your a man or a women not who you have sex with.  Religion is a choice, but there is a lot of discrimination against Christians for standing up for there beliefs.  Christianity is very controversial in our culture right now.  Why?  This is what God says, “Neighbors lie to each other, speaking with flattering lips and deceitful hearts.”  Psalm 12:2  God’s ways offend many people even though He is only trying to help us to be the best we can be. The conclusion I have come up with?  The media (not all) are ungodly people and they are deceiving us.  They do what they believe is right in human’s eyes not in God’s eyes.

Back to the topic of sexuality.  The definition of sexuality is: the capacity for sexual feelings; a person’s sexual orientation or preference.  By this definition our sexuality is based on how we “feel” we are.  This definition I know is very general, but it basically says that how ever you feel and what your preference is.  “What in the world?”  Since when are we all suppose to start acting on what ever we feel like doing?  So if you feel like having sex with children, animals, at work, in public etc…. if you feel that way then just go a head and do it?  This is Absurd !!  There are companies in our country that support transgender groups of people who would like to use the bathroom of their choice, but if I “felt” like going to the men’s bathroom at work I would either be “talked to” or get fired, and rightfully so.  I feel for the person who struggles with their gender identity, my feeling of sorrow for this person compels me to pray for them and that the Lord would convict them of their sin against them.  But the media has redefined sexuality not only to us but to our children.  This is to me when it gets scary.  On NPR featured a transgender choir.  NPR has been pushing a liberal agenda, this just makes this issue more confusing for our children. So should I be worried to send by 12 year old daughter to the public bathroom by herself?  I would say yes.  Can you just imagine a man dressed as a women walking into the bathroom with your daughter in there?  Or a man who “feels” like a women today using the women’s washroom with your daughter in there?  Yikes!

All my life I have considered myself more masculine than feminine.  I am not a girly, girl.  I would say I am more of a tomboy.  I can relate with the male gender more than the female gender in some aspects.  With that said, I have never struggled with same sex attraction.  I have worn men’s pants, shorts, shirts etc.just because I felt like it.  Some of the media suggests that if you “feel” like a man than be one and if you “feel” like a women then be a women.  This is simply not the way God designed us, and I am a women whether I like it or not.  Fearfully and Wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful and I know that full well.




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