Apathy or Cowards


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As  I view Facebook posts I wonder why my fellow Christians are not sharing the same truth that I am.  In most cases not even one like.  I’m not really looking for affirmation from you, I just wonder do you really care about what God says?  Do you really understand the ramifications of your silence?  In the history of our nation when evil has occurred it has been Christians who have spoken up and have done something.  We are the ones to fight against evil, many wars have been won because of strong Christians in our nation.

But know we have to fight the war with our neighbor, friends, and family.  You may be praying in private, this is good, in fact very good, but I tell you that you NEED to speak out against the evil happening in this country.  Your words mean a lot especially if they are God’s words.  Many of you are way more concerned about updating your posts with family pictures and crafts, but you don’t seem to be to concerned about what is happening in our nation.  Why?  Your children live in this country.  Why would you want them to grow up in a nation full of sexual immorality, crime, and corruption?  Why are you ok with everything going on?

The Apostle Paul has been my coach these past 3 months, and he was never afraid to call sin, sin.  AND if you choose not to speak the truth then are you okay with your friend or family member living a life of lies because YOU have enabled them?  Do you care about their salvation?

So my dear brothers and sisters please do not skip over truth, do not say, oh someone else with deal with this.  Or maybe you are just afraid of being ridiculed and that makes you a coward.  Until evil has left this country and we are in God’s favor again I will not quit.  Run the good race and fight to good fight.  YOUR voice matters because YOU have the HOLY SPIRIT living inside of you.  And remember they hated Jesus first before they hated you.

Your family and friends deserve to know the truth.  So get involved WE are the game changers.











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