What is your VBS Teaching

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I never really thought much about vacation bible school until this year.  With all the Seeker Sensitive Churches, Emergent Churches, and all the new, sensitive, and fun ways people think they are getting the Good News out to children, is nothing short of “it’s all about me” theology.

In the new church I attend this is what our VBS theme is,  “All firefighters, prepare for duty! Join the staff at Station 316, where kids will be trained to extinguish the fires of their own sin, and also how to help rescue others from the fire!”


This theme truly what the entire Bible is about.  God’s Holiness, our wickedness and how our sin separates us from the Love of God.  It’s about making disciples and winning the lost to Christ.


Then you have this theme from another church

Maker Fun Factory VBS

A world where curious kids become hands-on inventors who discover they’re lovingly crafted by God.


It’s all about how special you are and that God has these “big plans” for you.  What ever that means?  Not much about repentance or why Jesus had to die on the cross because we are condemned to Hell if we don’t come to the Lord.  This type of VBS is what I call ‘it’s all about me’ theology.  What is true is that God is special, awesome, the Great I am and he created us to glorify Him. God’s only ‘big plans’ for us is to save us from Hell and for us to make Him known.


Then you have LifeWay VBS that tries to teach the Trinity like this

Who was in the beginning?  God yes, but in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit explained this way…

We worship one God in trinity and the Trinity in unity, neither confusing the persons nor dividing the divine being. For the Father is one person, the Son is another, and the Spirit is still another. But the deity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is one, equal in glory, coeternal in majesty. What the Father is, the Son is, and so is the Holy Spirit. Uncreated is the Father; uncreated is the Son; uncreated is the Spirit. The Father is infinite; the Son is infinite; the Holy Spirit is infinite. Eternal is the Father; eternal is the Son; eternal is the Spirit: And yet there are not three eternal beings, but one who is eternal; as there are not three uncreated and unlimited beings, but one who is uncreated and unlimited. Almighty is the Father; almighty is the Son; almighty is the Spirit: And yet there are not three almighty beings, but one who is almighty. Thus the Father is God; the Son is God; the Holy Spirit is God: And yet there are not three gods, but one God. Thus the Father is Lord; the Son is Lord; the Holy Spirit is Lord: And yet there are not three lords, but one Lord.


Don’t just go to a VBS really check it out and see what is being taught.  It’s part of making true disciples of our children.  Vacation Bible School should really convict us for the need of a Savior and correct doctrine should be taught.

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