Discovery Bible Study Examined

How do you read the Bible?  This is a question that was asked to a local pastor in our community here in Archbold.  His response was that he uses the “Discovery Bible Study” method.  Well you MUST examine everything according to scripture to understand if the is actually a good method of reading the Bible.

This is an excerpt from the document sent to my husband…..

The DBS (“Discovery Bible Study”) in a nutshell
Isaiah 55:11 says,
“When my word goes forth, it shall not return empty or void,
but will accomplish the thing for which I sent it.”

This verse best encapsulates the DBS. God’s word does what He said it would do—and the DBS
helps us get out of the way so that God proves Himself faithful to His promise. There is
absolutely nothing “mystical” about the DBS, but it is miraculous. Here is why I think God is
honoring this Disciple-Making Model in profound ways:

1. The DBS is a God-honoring and God-exalting process. People directly engage and
rub up against God’s word. In doing so, He—He alone—receives the glory as He proves
Himself faithful over and over again as HE enlightens the hearts of people to discover
who He is directly from His word.
2. The Holy Spirit becomes the Teacher. It gets the teacher, dvds, and other ‘book
studies’ out of the way, allowing the “True Teacher” –the Holy Spirit—to enter and teach.
3. There is a dependency on God to reveal Truth—and He does—every time.
4. God delights in speaking through people; He speaks through His word and through
people to reveal Himself in the DBS process. That is spectacular to see unfold. No
kidding, it is an adventure each time.
5. The DBS disciples and inherently makes disciples. So far, I’ve done the DBS
about 150 times. Never once (and there is no exaggeration here) has the ball fumbled
down the field—not once. It is stunning every time—especially with those who are
seeking or who are young in their walk with Christ. And it is refreshing and rehabilitating
for those of us who think we’ve been discipled and are good disciplers.
6. The DBS is relentless in shepherding towards transformational living
through: personal authenticity, accountability, personal responsibility, evangelism,
prayer, and acts of service.

People often tire of a study, but I’ve not experienced anyone “tiring” of the DBS process
because it is so natural, engaging, and empowering. Who gets tired of encountering the
God of the Universe?
The DBS is much like a cake: it needs to be tasted first in order to really “get it”. Then, after
tasting it, a discussion of why it was so good and how it was made is more profitable and
enlightening. It’s the “tasting” that makes the difference, as the ingredients below don’t “wow”
or convince. But like most good cakes, it’s about simple, good ingredients—mixed in the right
way and in precise amounts–that make it work. The same is true with the DBS.
(By way of observation, everyone initially wants to “tweak” the DBS process—especially those
who’ve not tasted or tested it for very long. I advise to stay the course. Watch and see God
honor this process. The words, the order, and the methodology behind each ordered step have
immense value, purpose, and intentionality. You will find that in “tasting and seeing it” that the
Lord, indeed, is good.
The best thing that you can do is to DO the DBS with a group of people AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
There’s no need to stock the pond; the DBS will hold its own with anyone as long as you cling
tightly to the process. Test and taste it.

Click to access DBS.pdf

Right here in this document in the first column is says in the second to last paragraph from the bottom, that the study’s goal is not to get a person saved, “right away.”  They are not in a hurry. Well… what if they died on the way home from this study?  Seems like an urgent thing to me.

Here is a video of how to use this method…

What could possibly go wrong!!!  Yikes!!

  1. First of all this study’s main claim is that it lets the Holy Spirit lead you into truth.  It begs to question.  How do you know that you even have the Holy Spirit?  How do you discern if the Holy Spirit is leading you in the right direction? While it is true that the Holy Spirit will lead you into truth, you HAVE TO read God’s Word in context, in order to understand the truth.
  2. In the video the women said a lady was lead to the Lord through Genesis Chapter 1.  She did not make it clear that lady repented and trusted Jesus as her Lord to save her from her sins.  Where is the Gospel?  The Discovery Bible Study makes it clear that it’s not suppose to be offensive and a “safe space” for everyone to share.  There is no correcting a person if they are taking the Bible out of context.
  3.  The emphasis on reading a scripture 3 times, then closing your Bible to paraphrase what you read, and then answering the questions on what YOU discovered, not what the Word of God is actually saying. They also suggest that any Bible can be used.  A paraphrase of the Bible, like the Message Bible is not God’s Word.  There is no emphasis on dividing the Word of God properly, or scripture interpreting Scripture. No emphasis of properly handling the text.
  4. They claim that God is delighted to speak through people.  What?  First God spoke through men that loved God in the Bible.  God was not always pleased with them.  God is especially not pleased if men and women of God use His spoken word out of context. Interpreting the Bible how ever you want to mean can lead to Blasphemy.
  5. The next very bad claim is that it is “stunning” every time or your money back. Guaranteed!  Okay I made this part up, but it defiantly seems they are just trying to sell you a product.  It just makes you feel “gooooddddd” no matter if you are a young believer or an older person in the faith. Or an Atheist!  Well, the reading the Bible should make you feel the opposite, you are not good and you are a guilty sinner.
  6. The last point is that this study is all about FEELINGS oh woe woe FEELINGS!  When your faith is based on how it makes you feel you are missing the ENTIRE purpose of the Bible.  The Bible is sharper then a two edged sword!  It cuts and divides!  It’s the most difficult life to live because you have to die to self and take up your cross and follow Jesus. Not a Jesus of your own making but the one of the Bible.

Here is another example of this horrible “Bible Study”


You need a person of peace, do you mean a teacher that can lead you to the truth of scripture when you are taking it out of context? Then you need to be Polly positive, and  meet people’s felt needs.  Then you can have a home church with a bunch of atheist who do not have the Holy Spirit.  Church is not for unbelievers!  You can not make disciples of unbelievers!  They ask unbelievers to follow the Bible.  People who are not Christians have no obligation nor the Holy Spirit to follow the Bible.  They are heathens that need to be saved from the pits of Hell!  If you are offended by this, well you should be.  This is not what God’s Word tells us to do.

2 Corinthians 2:14-15  Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

 And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

This study claims that you don’t need to be an “expert” in teaching the Bible.  James 3:1 says, “My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.” Meaning you should not seek to be a teacher!  Why? because if you do not teach the Word of God properly you will have a greater judgment. You must be an expert in God’s Word to teach it.

2 Timothy 2 says, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

This Bible study has one good idea and that is to use the authority of God’s Word to direct our lives.  After this point it just adds good works to the unbeliever. They will not be saved by doing anything, and this is a different Gospel.

Looking for a women’s Bible Study here is one by Michelle Leseley.

Bible Studies

I also think she does an excellent job explaining how to study the Bible.

Here is the FULL Gospel and how to be saved.


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