Pragmatism in the Church Part 4 Social Causes over The Great Commision

2 Timothy 2:4 says, Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.

It seems to me that the confessing church has forgotten it’s first love. They forgot why Jesus came in the first place. Every apostate church I have attended talks more about improving the society around them, rather than improving people’s theology and being part of one of the harvest workers that plants the seed of salvation for the lost souls in their midst. You will always hear a false church make a plug for feeding the poor, helping the oppressed, widows, and the orphans. While these are good things a Christian can and should do, it should never become your Gospel. Second Timothy says, to preach the word, whether it is popular or not, reprove, rebuke, and exhort with all longsuffering and DOCTRINE! Once we have accepted the Lord has our Savior we are to begin our sanctification as disciples of Christ. In Matthew 14:7 Jesus said that the poor will always be among us. This was in response to the women pouring expensive alabaster oil on Jesus. Jesus told the disciples to leave her alone because she was doing a good deed for him. Jesus then said that wheresoever the gospel is preached throughout the world, that this good deed she did for Jesus will be spoken as a memorial to what this woman has done. This women believed that Jesus was the Messiah and she was acknowledging she knew him as Messiah by anointing Him with expensive oil, not by selling the expensive oil to feed the poor. And, it also seems, she knew He was going to be crucified on the cross for the sins of the world because Jesus also said in Mark 14:8 she is come aforehand to anoint my body to the burying. What did Jesus want us to do as Christians? He wanted us to spread the gospel. He wanted us to teach and make disciples of ALL nations. In other words the Great Commision. What good will your efforts be if the poor go to Hell with full stomachs, a roof over their heads, and clothes on their backs. The song, “They Will Know We are Christians by our Love,” means that the most loving thing you can do is to share the saving truth of the Gospel. That Jesus died for the sins we all have committed and paid the penalty of our sin. But He did not stay dead, on the third day he arose from the dead, and defeated death. And the free gift of grace is given to anyone who repents and believes in their heart that Jesus is the only way to Heaven, will be saved from an eternity in Hell.

This social gospel is very popular in the evangelical church. Go and make the world a better place they will tell you. Feed the poor and cloth the naked, they will tell you. Then what? Doing these things for people does not offend anyone, but calling out sin and telling people that the only way to Heaven is thru Jesus does offend. So you may eradicate poverty in your area, but hopefully you will share the gospel as the main focus of your ministry. I would rather be poor and hungry knowing I’m going to Heaven then to have all the riches of the world and be on the road to Hell.

Poverty is not being without money but being without hope | Poverty quotes,  Help the poor, Helping the poor quotes

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