ARC, Churches Take Away Members From Other Biblical Churches

It's a big deal that megachurches like Crossroads Church are canceling live  services.

ARC stands for Association of Related Churches, I’m going to add to this and say other churches that flow down the same stream of ideology. There are many churches in America that mimic these churches even if they are not part of the ARC, association.

When I moved here to Northwest Ohio, it seemed to me people where clamoring for our church attendance. Every time I met someone they would ask, “where do you go to church?” It’s great to invite people to church, but looking back on my story, I wonder really what the motive was? The last proposition was not long ago. The lure was that they had lots of children at their church with fun things to do. I thanked her for the invite, but I really like the church I attend.

When I became a born again Christian, it was important that my children were in a doctrinally sound church, not that it was fun. There is not a lot of children at the church we attend, but the doctrine is sound and we are truly learning to be disciples of Christ. We wanted our children to be in a Bible believing church. This does not mean we don’t have fun, it’s that it’s not the focus. In my opinion, many parents look for churches with lots of programs and games, with a little bit of Bible teaching; or they look for a church that all their friends and family attend, so to not disrupt their lives. And if I am honest, I also did the same thing before I was saved. This is a grave mistake parents make, and many children walk away from their faith, because it was never there to begin with.

So what is so attractive about ARC or churches like it?

  1. In these churches lost people feel comfortable because they do not say, “Are you sure you are a Christian?”
  2. They don’t share the complete gospel.
  3. This churches are exciting, with lots of young people and are emotionally driven
  4. They don’t sing hymns and have lots of new songs
  5. They put unregenerate people into ministry
  6. They have platforms and stages, not pulpits and alters.
  7. They like to do a lot of good for the community, making the people involved feel like they are doing something good also
  8. They have women pastors
  9. They scout young people to be the faces of they church, or people who can keep up a worldly appearance
  10. Young people are running the youth groups
  11. Small groups are not about studying God’s Word, they are about bettering the community, games, food, crafts, ect….
  12. Topical preaching on making yourself, marriage, and family life better. No expository preaching!
  13. No church discipline
  14. You can interpret the Bible how ever you want, for YOU. No stance on doctrine
  15. The music style fits the popular music of the day


  1. They want to make a difference in their communities, with no gospel
  2. The music
  3. Emotionalism

Here is a link to the fasted growing churches in America in 2020. Andy Stanley’s church is first and that should say it all if you know what he teaches.

(A.R.C) Churches Pose Many Problems

I personally get very tired of the contemporary church, as difficult as this is I will continue to expose the falsehoods of bad theology and practices, with God’s grace and His all sufficient Word…The Holy Bible. Most of the time I feel like my head is going to explode listening to these “cool hipster” pastors and watching their worldly practices. They are so far from Biblical Christianity, that if a person get’s saved in a church like this, it not because of the convicting preaching, but in spite of it, as the case with me. I must also confess, I have a very difficult time understanding why any person would want to attend such worldly churches if they are truly are a Christian. I never know whether to evangelize these people or treat them like brethren. It has been said, by a very prominent pastor, that about 5% of people are probably actually Christians that sit in the “sanctuary” (I mean the multi-purpose room) every week. We are going to take a look at the ARC church movement, and put it under the lens, of Biblical Christianity. There are some (A.R.C) churches that are listed on their website in our area, and unfortunately churches that are not listed seem to be following the same business model as these (A.R.C) churches.

So what is an A.R.C church? ARC stands for the Association of Related Churches. This is a church organization, a business model used to plant churches. Their vision as stated straight from their website


The motto “Life giving church” has nothing to do with Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross for our sins. Life giving has nothing to do with Jesus’s blood being poured out as a living sacrifice for the wickedness of man. It has nothing to do with repenting of your sins, or obeying the Lord. Instead, it’s more about the branding of your church and getting your church’s name out in the community. It’s about all the good works your church does for the community and how wonderful you are. There is no glory given to God. None

The above video is the perfect example of what the A.R.C organization is all about.

He talks about uncertainty being whether or not their is going to be a Big 1O this year with football, not the down grade of culture.

They are all about the experience of church, rather than sound doctrine.

They have women pastors, which goes against scripture.

Twists scripture a lot!!!

They do keep track of the numbers, statistics, in order to receive support from A.R.C. Folks this is a pyramid ponzi scheme business!

They brag about how much they are giving to the community.

No bible out

Dream Teams all volunteers that do not get paid nothing, like the Mormon church

The church is growing because of our dream team?!

Cool muscle shirts and very nice looking people, that seem perfect.

Motivational speaking. No talk of sin or Hell and how wicked we are. (I do want to say this pastor in the video did mention Hell and Sin briefly.)

EVERYONE is welcome no matter what. When you have a relationship with Jesus then you become a member of the Experience Church. And if you are not a believer that’s okay too.

The full gospel is not preached.

Everyone is needed. But not in the way the Bible says. Works based religion.

All kinds of translations of bibles including The Passion Translation, (which is to me avoided like the plague!)

The pastors vision with a very tight knitted together group of people that agree on this vision, and can not be criticized.

Small groups

Manipulative music


No gospel

God’s big Dream

They reinstate pastors after they disqualify themselves

Twist scripture, especially Ephesians 3:20 to make God a dreamer that will give you what you want

Here is the video of the reason for this church planing business


These are just a few things that are the problem with these types of churches. I am going to be writing a series on this, hopfully it will make people wake up.

God Bless 🙂