(A.R.C) Churches Pose Many Problems

I personally get very tired of the contemporary church, as difficult as this is I will continue to expose the falsehoods of bad theology and practices, with God’s grace and His all sufficient Word…The Holy Bible. Most of the time I feel like my head is going to explode listening to these “cool hipster” pastors and watching their worldly practices. They are so far from Biblical Christianity, that if a person get’s saved in a church like this, it not because of the convicting preaching, but in spite of it, as the case with me. I must also confess, I have a very difficult time understanding why any person would want to attend such worldly churches if they are truly are a Christian. I never know whether to evangelize these people or treat them like brethren. It has been said, by a very prominent pastor, that about 5% of people are probably actually Christians that sit in the “sanctuary” (I mean the multi-purpose room) every week. We are going to take a look at the ARC church movement, and put it under the lens, of Biblical Christianity. There are some (A.R.C) churches that are listed on their website in our area, and unfortunately churches that are not listed seem to be following the same business model as these (A.R.C) churches.

So what is an A.R.C church? ARC stands for the Association of Related Churches. This is a church organization, a business model used to plant churches. Their vision as stated straight from their website



The motto “Life giving church” has nothing to do with Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross for our sins. Life giving has nothing to do with Jesus’s blood being poured out as a living sacrifice for the wickedness of man. It has nothing to do with repenting of your sins, or obeying the Lord. Instead, it’s more about the branding of your church and getting your church’s name out in the community. It’s about all the good works your church does for the community and how wonderful you are. There is no glory given to God. None

The above video is the perfect example of what the A.R.C organization is all about.

He talks about uncertainty being whether or not their is going to be a Big 1O this year with football, not the down grade of culture.

They are all about the experience of church, rather than sound doctrine.

They have women pastors, which goes against scripture.

Twists scripture a lot!!!

They do keep track of the numbers, statistics, in order to receive support from A.R.C. Folks this is a pyramid ponzi scheme business!

They brag about how much they are giving to the community.

No bible out

Dream Teams all volunteers that do not get paid nothing, like the Mormon church

The church is growing because of our dream team?!

Cool muscle shirts and very nice looking people, that seem perfect.

Motivational speaking. No talk of sin or Hell and how wicked we are. (I do want to say this pastor in the video did mention Hell and Sin briefly.)

EVERYONE is welcome no matter what. When you have a relationship with Jesus then you become a member of the Experience Church. And if you are not a believer that’s okay too.

The full gospel is not preached.

Everyone is needed. But not in the way the Bible says. Works based religion.

All kinds of translations of bibles including The Passion Translation, (which is to me avoided like the plague!)

The pastors vision with a very tight knitted together group of people that agree on this vision, and can not be criticized.

Small groups

Manipulative music


No gospel

God’s big Dream

They reinstate pastors after they disqualify themselves

Twist scripture, especially Ephesians 3:20 to make God a dreamer that will give you what you want

Here is the video of the reason for this church planing business


These are just a few things that are the problem with these types of churches. I am going to be writing a series on this, hopfully it will make people wake up.

God Bless 🙂

46 thoughts on “(A.R.C) Churches Pose Many Problems

  1. “They are so far from Biblical Christianity that if a person gets saved in a church like this, it not because of the convicting preaching.”
    You made this statement above. I’m confused. Only God has the power to move one to accept him as their Lord. No amount of preaching without God’s presence will impact anyone. As for building churches worldwide, God commanded us to go into all the world and preach the word. Isn’t that what the ARC churches are doing? Ponzi scheme!? Don’t all churches have volunteers, and don’t all churches give to the district over their church?


  2. momma – I read your comments, and then I read the linked article you left for Amie…
    I am a member of one the churches referenced in your spiritual attack. I believe that to be exactly what it is – a spiritual attack. It isn’t referenced specifically by name, but you attacked all ARC churches in your comments.
    So please understand that until you have sat under my Pastor while he preaches, you cannot pull words/messages/sermons out of context and use them as a basis to judge the church. Nor can you accurately get a “picture” of what we do, how we act, or how we reach the lost world around us. As far as Salvations & Baptism, the convictions are REAL when they occur. I’m sure that, as in every church, there are a few that might not be sincere. But it is not our place to judge the heart of another – only God is qualified to pass judgment on someone’s soul condition. The Book of Life is not ours to read.
    Yes, our doors are open to everyone. None of us are called to deny anyone the privilege of hearing the Word of God. I would venture to guess that there might be some visitors from time to time that aren’t living the Gospel, but again that is not for us to judge. We hate the sin, not the sinner. If Jesus is knocking on the door of someone’s heart, who are you to tell them they are not welcome in His house?
    The full Gospel is preached and taught! We have studied sin, starting with that first piece fruit, all the way through the devil’s lies, schemes, his methods and manipulations, to the birth of Jesus; His amazing life journey, His persecution, torture, death on a cross, and most importantly His resurrection! He’s Alive – Hallelujah!
    Yeah we do talk about the numbers. We are taught to give God our 10% of the top: whether it’s money, time, attitude, service… It is nice to hear that our tithes are helping further the Gospel of Christ, provide food to the hungry, help to clothe and shelter the homeless, and provide disaster assistance to those hurting from natural disasters,etc. we don’t support a ponzi scheme!
    It blesses my soul to hear that others have given their hearts to Jesus (which by the way includes admission of being a sinner; belief in Jesus Christ [born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, tortured and killed for my sins, rose from the dead three days later, & ascended to heaven]; confession of those sins and the profession that I am nothing but a filthy rag without Him in my life… I wanted to be sure you know I am sincere about Him)!
    We are also warned about the wolves in sheep’s clothing (I think I’m writing to one of them now). We are warned that satan will stop at nothing to send people to hell – including attempting to deceive by manipulating the truth and taking words out of context.
    We are also taught that being a Christian doesn’t automatically mean that we will never face trouble; it is not an easy path to walk… we are to enter through the narrow gate and avoid the broad path that leads to the wide gate. Consequently, we are also warned not to believe any teacher or pastor that tries to convince us to give to their church to support their fancy clothes and expensive lifestyles (especially when they consider themselves famous with a large TV audience that can easily be manipulated – I added that myself). True we are promised streets of gold and a mansion – but not on this earth.
    Matthew 7 1. “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”


      1. No ma’am. We do not.
        BTW: I am a Dream Team volunteer. I serve in various capacities as needed on Sundays. My husband and son are volunteers as well. We consider it to be a privilege, not a burden.


      1. Yes. We see that too. It is troubling to me; it grieves my soul because I know both family and friends that could wear that name tag.
        But not because of the church we attend. It’s because they believe the lies of the devil over the truth of Jesus. The ground is level at the foot of the cross – the Blood of Jesus will wash white even the worst of us if we are willing to repent and ask Him for forgiveness… satan tells people that their sins are greater than the power of Christ.


    1. Also does your church have an A.R.C manual they have to follow? When the Bible is our only supreme authority. And does your church lose support if you don’t meet the baptism and salvation quota? These are all questions I am wondering about, because I heard this does happen in some churches. And if this happens I stand with what I said.


      1. No ma’am. We do not have a quota or a manual.
        The Word of God has supreme authority. The Bible is the only Book that we follow.


      2. I ask because the other ARC churches have a manual. The “Dream Team” is part of ARC philosophy and is unbiblical. Were in n scripture does it say to have a dream team?


      3. “Now the large group of those who believed were of one heart and mind, and no one said that any of his possessions was his own, but instead they held everything in common.”
        Acts 4:32
        We work together for our Worship – we serve rather than wait to be served by others.


      4. Worship is more than music and going to church. It’s a way of life through obedience to God’s Word. Everything we do should be to glorify God not ourselves. Acts 4:32 was for the Apostles, I would have to study this passage more, but certain gifts where only given to the apostles to show their authority. The apostle office stopped when the apostles died.
        Our church shows love to one another by serving each other too, but we don’t have a dream team, we have a family.


      5. I agree with you completely that church is more than just music and worship. And our Dream Team considers each other to be family. We do life together. It is way more than just a Sunday service for us. We are working together to fulfill the Great Commission, the Gospel message of Jesus Christ!
        It isn’t all about the name of our group. It is exercising our faith by utilizing the spiritual gifts that we have been given. Some are blessed to work with children; others are blessed to talk with people (greeting, information, etc).
        I can promise you that we are a real, genuine, scriptural, Jesus preaching, hell acknowledging, Gospel furthering church.


      6. That’s good, but my article was about the organization in general. We also pulled my children out of a churches that had children’s programs that didn’t teach them anything. There emphasis was on having fun over the teaching of God’s Word. Also the church services turned off the lights in the “sanctuary” or now they call it a worship center and played heretical music from Elevation, Bethel, and Hillsong whipping people into some kind of emotional frenzy/trans. Pastors wore skinny jeans and tried to look cool. If your church is not like this then your church is few and far in-between.
        One of my favorite hymns is “Give Ne that Old Time Religion.” Let’s get back to looking like the church of the Bible. Take down the stages, the lights, and bands and lets bring back the alters with pulpits and we all read from our Bibles instead off a screen. This is what our church does and it’s a blessing to no to look like the rest of American Christianity.


      7. I am glad that you and your family have found a place of worship where you feel connected to Jesus. It’s important.
        We used to attend a church similar to what you’re describing. But they were consumed with apathy. They literally sat on the pews every Sunday waiting on someone else to serve or do the work. They wouldn’t even walk across the street to invite the neighbors around them to visit; but they were more than willing to lament over waning attendance, decline in tithes (No one was there to give), and lack of maintenance to the building (again not enough people to do it all).
        My family left after they decided, as a church, to stop tithing to missions. We prayed and fasted before arriving at that point… but we are better for it.


      8. Our church is very involved in missions, we just had a missionary come and speak last Sunday they are going to India. Our pastor is a very faithful pastor and does not water down any doctrine. We have a few families that come that travel over an hour to come church on Wednesday, Sunday mornings and Sunday night. Our congregation of about 200 people is very giving and most of our tithe goes to missions only with people who are biblically sound. Even during the pandemic we had more money than ever before come in. God is blessing our church because we care about lost souls more than meeting people’s felt needs. Our pastor also had a job besides sheparding our church. If you look at our budget most of our money goes to missions. Ours pastor takes a very small salary compared to other pastors around here and he is our only pastor. He never lets anyone in the pulpit in unless he knows they are biblically sound. And he and his wife loves us all very much. We all serve each other and I am talking about all the members not a select few. We only have men elders and Decons as God Word says too. ARC is not like this, the chuch here in our area has women pastors.


    2. Thank you for responding! I too am a member of an ARC church and went to Church of the Highlands when I lived in AL. I agree this is attack of the enemy and has hypocrisy like that of the Pharisees written all over it. Shame on you atruthmomma! May the Holy Spirit open your eyes to the truth and love and grace of Jesus Christ, which is all that I have experienced from being a part of ARC churches versus non life giving and condemning and judging churches. My walk with the Lord is closer because He draws me daily to Himself and through the ministry of ARC pastors and churches I have learned more of the goodness and greatness of God! May you experience more of His love atruthmomma.


      1. First of all Jesus is the life giver and He sanctifies us. He wants us to be holy. The ARC church looks nothing like the New Testament church. God want’s us to worship him in sound doctrine and truth according to His Word. Just because you are blessed by something does not mean it’s from God. The Bible says even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.


      2. I am not a shamed of thr Gospel for it is the power unto Salvation. I am also not ashamed of God’s Word annd it’s authority over my life, for even God’s WORD is above his very name. All you have is your feelings and experiences, our hearts are deceitful wicked who can know them? God’s Word is sharper than a two edged sword. His Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.
        You did not use one Bible verse for your accusations against me. The Bible says to be no easly offended, especially when you are being correct by a born again believer.
        Use God’s Word to explain your position not your feelings.


    1. No I’m not judging you. However, broad assumptions about the policies and practices of a church that you have not even visited, are argumentative and provocative to say the least.
      Your words may cause a lost person to miss an opportunity to find salvation.


      1. I doubt that, but it would keep people from me going to unbiblical churches. I left a church very similar to this because I knew it was superficial and I never heard the complete gospel. I know attended a Fundamental Baptist Church, not part of any organization and our pastor preachs the gospel and I was saved in this church at age 42 after going to false churches my entire life.


      2. Contrary to your opinion. I think people who are drawn to these seeker sensitive churches with wolves because they do not want to count the cost of what it means to truly follow Jesus and they want their ears tickled. They will not truly be saved because they don’t hear the full gospel, or they are so busy with worldly things they are not grounded in scripture and therefore true disciples are not made.


  3. We direct visitors to various departments within the church such as Nursery, children, or Youth; volunteers that serve as ushers to help people find seats before the service; volunteers that pass out information on upcoming church activities; member check-in; we greet visitors; hold doors; direct parking; and most importantly, we pray throughout the service for our pastor & staff, for the lost, for the children in attendance and their families, for those who are sick, under spiritual attack, etc.
    The name Dream Team is a reference to all star team that competed in the Olympics decades ago – a group of players that overcame challenges and worked well to win.


    1. Okay my husband is a trustee, he teaches Sunday school part of the security team, and I sing in the chore and special music, we both greet, and work in the nursery. We serve also, humbly alone with many other members of our church. All church members pray ect… we are not better than anyone else, certainly not a”dream team.” My husband and I knock on doors and evangelize the lost along with others people in our church. Because God says this is our reasonable service, to serve and obey God. We are not a seeker sensitive church, just your basic biblical church were God’s Word KJV, is preached and the main focus of our services. God says His word is above His name.


      1. Well the dream team does not operate under the assumption that we are better than anyone else or somehow supreme over other members who do not volunteer.
        It is just a classification that encompasses many different volunteer groups.
        As I explained earlier the children’s team, the greeters team, the visitors team, etc. I can see where you would take issue with it, but as I stated earlier, it is hard to form a conclusion without actually participating firsthand.


  4. Once a church plant gets up and running, the following financial guidelines are spelled out on the ARC website:

    It takes big money to plant a church, and when it comes to funding, our goal is to make sure you have the resources you need. If you complete all steps in the ARC process we will match the money you raise by contributing $30,000 – $50,000 in the form of a zero-interest loan plus and up to an additional $20,000, if needed, during the first six months to help your new church meet its budget.
    Starting on month seven, after your launch, you will begin to repay ARC at a rate of 10 percent of your church income. Since ARC churches give 10 percent (or a tithe) to missions, this amount counts as your missions dollars during the repayment period.
    Once you have repaid the funds loaned to you by ARC, your missions giving will be 2 percent to ARC and 8 percent or more to your choice of recipient(s).


  5. So ARC helps with the marketing?
    I think they might. I’m not sure. They help financially, and have a manual that you have to follow.


  6. I left one like this almost 4 years ago. God is still rewiring the things that I’ve learned & seen. I am still healing as well. I have grieved over it & still do at times for allowing myself to be deceived because I believed I’d be able to catch it when I saw it. But I found the church in a vulnerable state & I think that’s where they got me. I’ve been to lots of churches in my time, & most, if not all, have seemed to be false, but I know my salvation & relationship with the Lord is real, & through this, I am learning so much. It’s sad to see all that is creeping into churches now.


    1. It sure is sad. And for those who are not saved going to these churches and not hearing the Gospel or sound doctrine. The fear of the Lord has been lost on many. God’s Word has something to say to these false teachers. I pray they will heed the warning found in scripture.

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      1. Yes! There are so so so many souls that go to these churches that don’t hear the truth of the gospel FIRST. They get through the service & are “offered” to talk to the “pastors” (husband AND wife) alone if they have been “touched” by anything spoken that day. “Raise your hand” & we will get with you at the end of service. That’s fine & all, but my thing is, there was always loads of people that came in & left the same cause they didn’t want to talk to people they’ve never known nor were they convicted of anything. They just like the motivational speaking so they come back. I believe God can do anything & somewhere along the way, those people may have been saved, but if they haven’t? That is awful & it’s because of these motivational speakers are on stage not speaking about the true gospel. & for the ones that have sat in there that have been saved, it slowly becomes a problem because you just don’t see it. You think you’ve found acceptance. For me it was feeling “I belonged to something bigger than myself”, that’s what I told people, cause it’s true. They make you feel that way. That was really how they got me while being vulnerable. I just wanted to feel like I belonged somewhere in my life, & they swooped in. I noticed the strangeness of the place & their preaching when I first went, but I thought, “maybe it’s just this particular sermon or night”, it was a Wednesday when I went. I even asked the pastor about some things that I felt should be apart of church & they pushed it away & said, “we have people here of so many different religious backgrounds. We don’t want to offend anyone”. I should’ve left then, cause God’s word says we will offend people, cause they are offended by Jesus. But, I stayed a year, & watched, got involved into the dream team, & taught at their school. But then God started revealing more things. Started to remove the blinders. I saw things for what they were. The NAR is creeping into those A.R.C churches as well, at least the one I attended, & it’s getting low key wicked. & I know for a fact that they do not call out sin properly in these churches. I’ve watched it with people who were sinning that were supposed to be Christians. When I finally left, I went through 2 years of grieving & crying over everything, (not just from that church, but things I believed from other churches as well), & I still feel the guilt at times 4 years later for promoting this place, & trying to bring people in & I’m still having things stripped from me & being learned over again. You are also right by saying that they are “works based”. That truly is what the church is made of. They push the dream team & life groups on you, telling you to start one, be apart of one, WORK, wrapped in “you’ll be using your spiritual gifts for the glory of God”. If you don’t, you are treated “as good”. It’s manipulation. They flatter you like crazy & make you feel good about yourself but the moment you walk away, they never speak to you again. I know. I witnessed it. I havent heard from any of them from the time I left which is okay with me, but I feel sorry for others that may care more than myself. These false teachers are most definitely called out in the Bible & God does have something to say. He doesn’t take kindly to people doing what these churches are doing.

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      2. Also forgot! They usually have so many campuses of that same church as well, & if you pay attention, they all preach the same sermon every Sunday. Very very strange. So you know none of it is God led. It’s just what the “senior” pastor/apostle says all the campuses should preach that Sunday. It’s sickening to me.

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  7. I left one like this almost 4 years ago. God is still rewiring the things that I’ve learned & seen. I am still healing as well. I have grieved over it & still do at times for allowing myself to be deceived because I believed I’d be able to catch it when I saw it. But I found the church in a vulnerable state & I think that’s where they got me. I’ve been to lots of churches in my time, & most, if not all, have seemed to be false, but I know my salvation & relationship with the Lord is real, & through this, I am learning so much. It’s sad to see all that is creeping into churches now.

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  8. I’m not sure how old this post is, but I would like to commend you for standing for biblical truth. I was a part of these sorts of churches from the age of 11. I met my husband when I was 28 and my eyes were opened to the true truth of Jesus Christ. I also now want to speak out against this movement, because so many will stand before the throne of God saying Lord Lord and He will say depart from me ye worker of iniquity, I never knew you. This movement allows people to think they are going to heaven and most have no idea of the true picture of Jesus Christ. That He died on a cross for ours sins and that there is nothing we can do to earn our way to heaven. For years I was part of churches that promoted prosperity and love rather than leading people to repentance of sin. Knowing the name Jesus is not enough, we all must bow ourselves humbly before the throne of God repent of our sins, humbly acknowledge our sins before him and make Jesus Lord of our lives. Changing our behavior completely and seeking God earnestly. Many of these churches contain people living in sin that is never convicted or addressed leaving them stinky fish who do not truly know Christ and who will stand before him one day and say Lord Lord because they thought they knew him but they never truly did. I was one of these people who thought I was a Christian but the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I was in danger of hell and that I needed Jesus Christ. I needed more than just to know His name or that He existed thousands of years ago. I needed to make Him my Lord and know He is my Savior. I’m sure this has rambled but I also am passionate about this because so many are deceived and need to find truth. So thank you, thank you for being brave enough to stand for theological and biblical truth. Because of true Nazarenes like you, I have truly found Jesus and now serve Him humbly and truly.

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    1. Amen Brandy! I can so relate to your story. I had to get “unsaved” yo be saved. I was on my way to Hell because no one told me the truth. Praise God for my conviction to speak out and praise Him for your testimony. God bless sister🥰


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